No matter whatever we learn around in this life, whatever we earn.. or do any activity.. I believe it all has some logic.. Even the things we do which has no logic(Sense).. there’s some logic(destined) behind doing it..
First of all I will clear you.. I’m not ‘Atheist’.. I believe that there is some Unseen force, some Energy that governs this Universe(Or May be many Universes).. But what disturbs me is..’Religions’.. I must confess that I have no personal hate for any religion.. I myself belong to no Religion in my opinion, except Humanity. But all the Religions that I hear about makes no sense/logic to me.. When I ask some people about Sense(Logic) Behind their religious beliefs.. They says some events are unexplainable(cannot be explained)..but I find it wrong. I mean Ok some events are unexplainable but.. there is always a logic.
On the same accounts when I talk about supernatural forces, and ghosts and spirits.. I’m not totally convinced that they Don’t exist.. But I can’t even understand ..how they do? Ok I know it’s not that easy to understand everything at once …but at least I cannot take some really illogical or Non sensible stories in my mind. It Is all disturbing. I think from Beginning of the world, And first thing comes in my mind is from where to start..?

  • From those seven days when God Created the world?
  • From the Big Bang theory?

I think.. Well but, Which will you choose?